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Prescription & Refills

Prescription & Refills

  1. Please call your pharmacy directly for any prescription refills, even if you have no refills left. The pharmacy will contact us directly to get approval for a new prescription.
  2. Please plan ahead as most local pharmacies request 2-3 business days for prescription refills. If there are no refills left on your prescription, this allows time for the pharmacy to get our approval to refill your medication.
  3. We realize emergencies happen, but ask you to call our office, and not come to the office requesting an emergency refill. This interrupts the care we give patients who are scheduled to be seen. Pharmacies will typically give you a 2-3 day supply of any non-narcotic medication if you run out without realizing it, and need time for them to process a refill.
  4. For mail order prescriptions, please contact your pharmacy for refills via their 800 number or website. Please be sure to contact your pharmacy at least 2 weeks before you will need the refill. If it is necessary for us to complete forms for your mail order pharmacy please give us 3 business days to complete the paperwork and have it ready for you. If you call to request a mail in prescription refill by phone, please have your pharmacy benefit ID # (located on your insurance card) ready to give to our staff.
  5. Many drug plans will not cover brand name medications, or do so at a much higher cost. We are not always able to obtain prior authorizations for your medications. Generally, you can expect to receive generic medications or pay a higher cost if you prefer the brand name drugs.
  6. Prescriptions will only be refilled during normal business hours (Monday to Friday 8:00 5:00 p.m.) On call physicians cannot refill prescriptions except in emergent situations such as an allergic reaction.
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