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Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic Testing

Your physician/provider will review the report from any diagnostic testing at your next appointment. If there are abnormal results that require immediate follow-up, your physician will contact you directly. You may receive a bill from Medford Radiological Group for their services to read and interpret your test.

X-rays: can generally be scheduled on a same day basis.

CT scans: most require insurance pre-authorization if not an emergent exam. This may take up to three weeks.

MRI, PET, Nuclear Medicine, sleep studies, cardiac studies, and other diagnostic tests: most require insurance pre-authorization if not an emergent exam. You will be referred to outside facilities for these studies. We contact the imaging facility of your choice, and they will contact you to schedule an appointment. This can take a week or longer to process. If you have not been contacted after three weeks, please call our office to request assistance in getting your exam scheduled.

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