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Matthew L. Miller, M.D.

Matthew L. Miller, M.D.

Physician and Surgeon: Neurological and Spine Surgery


Dr. Miller received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Biochemistry from the University of Nebraska where he was a Regent’s Scholar. He attended the University of Nebraska Medical Center also as a Regent’s Scholar, and received his Doctor of Medicine Degree in 2004. He then completed a 7-year neurosurgery residency program at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Dr Miller finishing a case with the Mazor X robot.
Dr. Miller finishing a case with the Mazor X robot.

Dr. Miller is especially interested in tracking and optimizing patient outcomes in spinal surgery. This helps him best guide patients through the decision-making process. Arriving at an accurate diagnosis by carefully examining his patients is of utmost importance to him.

The desire to pursue better outcomes caused Dr. Miller to use more minimally invasive techniques. Nearly every spinal operation now can be done through small incisions and speeds recovery when compared to the “traditional” incision for spinal surgery. Most incisions are less than one inch and can be performed through a 1.8 centimeter tube. This speeds patients’ recovery times because there is less damage to surrounding tissues.

Cranial surgery is another area of Dr. Miller’s special interest. Pituitary tumors and intrinsic brain tumors are particular areas of expertise. His research was involved with cell cycle and molecular mechanisms of prolactinomas, a type of pituitary tumor. He also received extensive training in epilepsy surgery and malignant brain tumor surgery utilizing functional mapping and awake craniotomies.

Dr. Miller’s personal interests include fishing, golf, skiing, piano, and guitar. He also enjoys spending time with his family.


August 2020

“My back pain became debilitating. I waited much longer than I should have before seeking help – in so much pain that I was living on ibuprofen; lots of it. Less invasive procedures proved not to be helpful. Eventually the pain became so incredible in my buttocks and legs I had trouble walking; crossing a busy street was scary.

My appointment with Dr Matthew Miller was very informative. He listened as I described my pain and symptoms; described to me as we viewed the MRI photos what was causing the pain. Diagnosis was lumbar radiculopathy; he recommended a surgical procedure – XLIF (extreme lateral interbody fusion L4-5); posterior instrumented fusion – L4-5; laminectomy L4-5. He took time to describe this procedure and even showed me the hardware that he would insert. I liked his honest, direct approach – he gave me confidence in his ability. I had no hesitation to move forward.

The evening of surgery, when the nurse and physical therapist got me up to walk, I was amazed to find no pain radiating down my legs – NONE! I’ve had no pain since the surgery. I am so very thankful for both Dr. Miller’s and Sarah Crawford’s expertise and care. It makes me emotional when I tell others about my experience. Dr. Miller gave me my life back. I have a photo – the perfect visual – a great heron, during lift-off, water droplets dripping from feet, huge wings spread wide, heading upward ….. that’s exactly how I feel. I have a copy for Dr. Miller – thank you sir – I so appreciate you and your great staff!!”

-Sharon (Crescent City, CA)

August 2020

“After my spine surgery, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be pain free again but after finishing the gabapentin for several days and a little acetaminophen for about 2 weeks I didn’t have much pain at all. After a month I felt I was as normal as any time in my life. Thanks again to you and your team for my happy pain free outcome.”

-Robert (Medford)


“You gave me my life back. I was in agony. I had to sleep sitting up, when I was able to sleep. I could not do any of my usual activities. “Thank you” seems so little to say when you have done so much for me. I thank God for you.

I am doing very well since the TLIF you did for me on December 23, 2019.”

-Jack (Roseburg)


“Me and my wife were very pleased with the care and doctoring we received from Dr Miller. He did a great job of fixing me up and that wasn’t easy. I had been in a wheelchair for a year without help from the VA. I could not of asked for better care and kindness. Perfect!!”



“Well done Sir. I wanted to thank you first and your team for a job well done. Results are changing everyday noticeably, in every area of concern. I am excited to put my life back on a healthy track.  AMAZING. I am enjoying becoming good fruits of your works.

Thank You and God Bless you.”

-Mark (Selma)


“So, it has been six months since my surgery. At age 57, sleep became very hard to get in full, especially when you have bad arthritis. It has been a huge success! All pain in my extremities are gone as well as a full night sleep! Having my grip back is a lot easier on our kitchenware. The team at SONSA are the “Cream of the Crop” and second to none. Even though Dr. Miller looks 20, they don’t get any better! Truly impressive!! XOXO”

-Jeffery (Medford)


“It is impossible, in a few short sentences, to describe the quality of care and concern, both pre- and post-surgery, that I received from Dr. Miller and Sarah Crawford, NP.

A senior in my mid 70’s, despite ongoing pain from scoliosis and degenerative disc disease, the decision to say “yes” to a two-step surgical procedure, fusion and bone grafting, was not an easy one to make. It was facilitated, however, by Dr. Miller encouraging me to take as much time as I needed to ask questions and discuss my concerns. I found him to be meticulous in describing exactly what the surgery entailed with no pressure from him to proceed.

Post-surgery, I received daily time and attention from Sarah Crawford, NP. She never missed a day, even if it meant appearing in the late evening hours. She offered her quiet, determined persistence to resolve unexpected medical issues during my 9-day hospital stay.

Thanks to the remarkable team – I am now one year past surgery and pain free. Would I do it again? YES. Would I recommend this time? Without reservations.”

-Mary (Meridian)


“This surgery was a new lease on life – Before, I could hardly walk. I was in constant pain. Two days after leaving the hospital, I was off all pain meds and I felt pain free for the first time in many years. Everything in my back felt right. It felt good. I was amazed and still am 7 months later – my back is like it was when I was 30. Thank you all so much!”

-Tim (Grants Pass)


“I wanted to take a moment to thank you and Sarah Crawford, NP-C for the excellent work you did in bringing me back to good spinal health. I just received and copy of the Operative Notes of my surgery and am extremely impressed by the work you did. The skill required of you to do this is a God-given gift and for that, I am very thankful.

I am feeling mush better and am no longer experiencing the pre-surgery tingling and numbness in my legs not the pain in my back down my legs. I am walking my dogs every day approximately 1 ¼ miles and am regaining the strength I had in my legs before the spinal stenosis prevented me from doing so. I have experienced no pain in my lower back for the last few days and am optimistic that I will be able to do most of the things I did before long.

Once again, thank you for the excellent work you and Sarah did.”



“Dr. Matthew Miller was my surgeon. I was very happy with his personalized dealing with me along with the choices he presented.

Immediately after surgery, I could stand up straight and walk without sciatic pain. I am week I checked my height discovering I have gained back 2 inches of my original height and could walk a mile without the limiting back pain.

I wanted to thank Dr. Miller for his excellent surgery on my back. I am very happy with the results.”



“Where do I start…for years my neck and upper back ached from welding on my job. Last 6 years, my arms were numb and tingling. No doctor would do an MRI. Finally, I had an MRI which referred me to SONSA and with luck drew Dr. Miller! He walked in, looked at me and 2 seconds later knew what I needed. I waited (doctors waited) long enough- I should have fought for that MRI. In recovery, I had no pain, tingling or numbness-first time in a long time, I sighed and smiled with relief; still smiling today. Dr. Miller did a great job. I have a little numbness due to nerve damage/muscle dying from pinched nerve. Let SONSA fix you, you’ll love life again.”

– Sam


“Like most back-pain sufferers, I had finally had enough and began to seek relief wherever I could find it. Then I received what would turn out to be life-changing advice from a medical friend of mine. She suggested that I seek out a neurosurgeon to perform this delicate back surgery and I am so grateful I followed that advice.

When I first met with Sarah Crawford, NP-C in mid-March of 2019, I was less than enthusiastic when she recommended an ALIF, a procedure that required entry through my abdomen, of all places! But after thoroughly researching I came to accept their recommendation and can say with 100% conviction that I am so glad that I followed their expert advice.

I can confidently say that I am 100% all the way back and feel stronger with each passing day. There isn’t anything I cannot do as before, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. My experience with the Dr. Miller team was outstanding in every way. I will be forever indebted to both Sarah Crawford and Dr. Miller for their professionalism and medical expertise.

I could not more highly recommend Southern Oregon Neurosurgical & Spine Associates.”

– Alex

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