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Matthew L. Miller, M.D.

Matthew L. Miller, M.D.

Physician and Surgeon: Neurological and Spine Surgery


Dr. Miller received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Biochemistry from the University of Nebraska where he was a Regent’s Scholar. He attended the University of Nebraska Medical Center also as a Regent’s Scholar, and received his Doctor of Medicine Degree in 2004. He then completed a 7-year neurosurgery residency program at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Dr Miller finishing a case with the Mazor X robot.

Dr. Miller finishing a case with the Mazor X robot.

Dr. Miller is especially interested in tracking and optimizing patient outcomes in spinal surgery. This helps him best guide patients through the decision-making process. Arriving at an accurate diagnosis by carefully examining his patients is of utmost importance to him.

The desire to pursue better outcomes caused Dr. Miller to use more minimally invasive techniques. Nearly every spinal operation now can be done through small incisions and speeds recovery when compared to the “traditional” incision for spinal surgery. Most incisions are less than one inch and can be performed through a 1.8 centimeter tube. This speeds patients’ recovery times because there is less damage to surrounding tissues.

Cranial surgery is another area of Dr. Miller’s special interest. Pituitary tumors and intrinsic brain tumors are particular areas of expertise. His research was involved with cell cycle and molecular mechanisms of prolactinomas, a type of pituitary tumor. He also received extensive training in epilepsy surgery and malignant brain tumor surgery utilizing functional mapping and awake craniotomies.

Dr. Miller’s personal interests include fishing, golf, skiing, piano, and guitar. He also enjoys spending time with his family.

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