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SONSA serves Southern Oregon and Northern California with the most comprehensive team of neurosurgeons in the region. The extensive experience and subspecialty training of our physicians enables us to offer an uncommonly wide range of services including all neurosurgical conditions relating to the brain, spine, spinal cord, and nervous system.

We encourage you to visit our services and provider bios to understand the vast scope of neurosurgical and spinal health conditions treated at SONSA.

SONSA neurosurgeons believe in extensive diagnostic evaluation. A thorough understanding of each patient’s condition allows us to recommend the most effective treatment options using the least invasive techniques, thus minimizing risks and improving recovery time.

Our physicians are committed to open communication with you and your referring physician, keeping both of you informed through each step of your evaluation and treatment. We welcome your questions and encourage dialogue with you, your referring physician, and other specialists that may be involved in your care. We understand the importance of coordinated care and strive to practice medicine as a team in your best interest.

We are honored that your primary care physician has referred you to our practice and will work closely with your care providers to ensure an accurate diagnosis and optimal treatment plan.

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