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Spine Specialists

While most people think neurosurgery focuses only on conditions associated with the brain, over 70 percent of neurosurgery procedures involve spine and spinal cord health conditions.

Neurosurgeons have the advanced training to understand the intricate relationship between the spine and the complex network of nerves that make up the spinal cord. Understanding this interrelationship between the structural aspects of the spine and the nervous system allows the neurosurgeon to fine-tune a patient's diagnosis, develop the most appropriate and least invasive treatment option, and perform complex surgeries involving the spine and spinal cord.

SONSA specializes in minimally invasive spine surgery and offers the only fellowship-trained spinal neurosurgeons in Southern Oregon.

Please visit our SPINE SURGERY web page for a list of our most common spine surgery services.

Spine Education

Visit our extensive PATIENT EDUCATION web pages for in-depth spine information including:

Spinal Anatomy: This page provides an overview of the Anatomy of the Spine and associated nerves. It also contains videos on Lumbar (lower back) anatomy  and Cervical (neck) anatomy in both English and Spanish.

Spinal Conditions: We have provided a wealth of spine tutorials to help you understand the most common spine health issues.

Spine Treatments: Our Spinal Treatments page outlines treatment options for both the Neck (Cervical) and Lower Back (Lumbar) regions.

Glossary: We have included a Glossary of Spine Terminology to help you understand the new and unfamiliar language that is associated with spine health conditions.

Pain Tracking Form: This printable PDF form is a seven-day journal which allows you to track your back pain and share this information with your doctor.

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